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Anthony Clark Jr.



Mondays Noon-1pm

I’m here to bring you everything related to GV Laker sports! I am a senior majoring in Multimedia Journalism while also serving as the sports editor for the Grand Valley Lanthorn. Sports are my passion, so be sure to tune in each week to stay up to date with our programs and clubs!

Ayron "Root" Rutan



Fridays 10am-Noon

I'm a sophomore here at GVSU majoring in Multimedia Journalism. I'm the co-host of ToneDeaf Radio as well as the ToneDeaf Podcast. I love music whether it's writing, performing, or sharing it with listeners. In addition to ToneDeaf, I also create content for and the GV Lanthorn. 

Arlo VanConant


Arlo on Air

Thursdays 8pm-10pm

I’m a junior with an anthropology major and archaeology minor and I write articles for the GVSU archaeology webpage!

Bela Gonzalez


Girl Boss 

Tuesday & Thursdays Noon-1pm

My name is Isabela Gonzalez and I am a sophomore studying Management and Marketing with a minor in Sustainability Studies. I am extremely passionate about business especially sustainable businesses! I can’t wait to share with everyone my thoughts about women in business. 

Francesca Lasorella


Music To Walk Home By 

Thursdays 6pm-7pm

Music To Walk Home By

Bobby Novak



Fridays 10am-Noon


Ellina Bolster


Good Vibrations

Tuesdays 7pm-9pm


Jeffery Timm


Jammin with Jeffery

Wednesdays 10am-Noon


Hanna Ziesel

Hanna Ziesel Headshot 2.png

Sweet Talk

Wednesdays 6pm-7pm

Hi! I’m Hanna, a senior studying Advertising and Public Relations with a minor in Writing. I’m super passionate about gender equity in the music industry and believe that listening to and sharing music is just as important as creating it. Outside of Whale Radio, I’m also involved with 3 other organizations on-campus: GrandPR, GVPRSSA, and the National Millenial and Gen Z Community.

Garrett "McG" McGuirt



Fridays 10am-Noon


Jeremy "Lumber" Wiles


Back Pocket Cassette

Fridays 6pm-8pm

I am Lumber, I have done podcasts for 3 years now on a show Retro Rock Roundup. I have interviewed people from John Wait to Starships Micky Thomas. I am dedicated to the history of music and telling the craziest side of it all. 

Jonathan Sides


Lost on Jupiter

Thursdays 3:30pm-4:30pm

I'm a freshman just interested in listening to music and trying to share my taste with those who want to listen! I enjoy playing, writing, performing, and sharing music as much as I possibly can!

Olga Moustidi


Girl Boss 

Tuesdays & Thursdays Noon-1pm

Hi! My name is Olga Moustidi and I’m currently a sophomore at GV studying Marketing and Management with a minor in Digital Studies. I am very passionate about business, the creative aspects of marketing, and discussing what it’s like to be a woman in a male dominated field. I can’t wait to share my thoughts and give some insight on this topic with everybody :)

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